We are the people who believe in quality rp and custom framework providing all the players a good roleplay experience and to ensure that we provide a lag free and uninterrupted roleplay to community. our server is based upon a custom framework and custom scripts which is designed in a way that people do quality Roleplay and spend there good time on server.

We have many concept made for criminal activities which can prove to be a prefect companion for your criminal backstory . whereas for the civilians they can do many things for fun do jobs in city so many things to do, so little time. in other words, there are simply many lots of stuff for everyone to enjoy.

So what are the feature of our city right?

Our developers have worked hard to create unqiue and best city! We have:

  • Indian Style
  • Custom Housing
  • Crafting
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Unique Gangs
  • Unique Organisations
  • Next Level Graphics

Staff Availability
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Meet Our Owner

  • - Blacki Gaming (Owner)

Meet Our Management

  • - AnarchY (Higher Authority)

  • - Addu (Manager)

  • - Nesh (Higher Admin)

  • - Uttu (Gfx Artist)