DARK CITY Roleplay Rules and Regulation

This server is mainly focus on serious rp and we expect serious rp from your side and we strictly believe in character progression and interaction.
Kindly read the below mentioned rules to help you with your time at LTRP.

Rule 1: Player and Staff Respect

    When playing on the server or on discord you are not allowed to talk upon religious matters,political or otherwise sensitive off topic discussions. Please note that we are a community of all races,religion and nationalities.
    • This server is a STREAMER FRIENDLY SERVER & NOT 18+ Server that means no ERP(Erotic Roleplay) or ROLEPLAYING A NUDE CHARACTER will be tolerated when performed on the server. It will also be extended to any kind of swearing which will result in getting banned from the server. Any roleplay which can be deemed to have Rape, Slavery, Homophibic or Racist Roleplay will not be tolerated.
    • We agree that everyone can have his/her opinion but that does not give the right to Argue with any of the staff members regarding their Judgement in-game. If you have any complaint/doubt you can use our official staff complaint form found on our website/discord under Applications tab.
    • You are not allowed to Spam in-game OOC Chat, spam discord which includes any kinds of Malicious, Hurtful, Pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate web links, images or videos.
    • Disrespecting any staff will result in PERMANENT BAN

Rule 2: Account Responsibility & Player Names

    You will be responsible for your own account i.e the owner of the account is responsible for the actions of others who have access to their account.

    Also if we find that you are sharing your account with other players to play on the server, then both the parties doing this will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. So if you are changing your account which can be due to selling or trading you need to inform the STAFF.

    Please Make Sure that your Username Doesn’t Have :-
  1. Having racist or offensive names.
  2. Advertising anything in your name.
  3. Refrain having Chinese, Russian, special or otherwise foreign characters in the name.

  4. Access to an account without your prior consent will be a different matter entirely if you were able to provide proof that your account has been compromised and had been used for an abusive manner, the staff team will endeavor to support you in a manner that is deemed fit.

Rule 3: Roleplay Rules and Regulations

  • Inventory Usage
  • You are not allowed to keep illegal things including guns in your secret pocket(6th pocket). When someone is patting you down , you also need to give hints to the person using /me command.

    For Example :- If I have an ID-Card in my 6th pocket and someone is patting me down , then i will do /me Feels like ID Card in Back Pocket.

  • Random Deathmatch (RDM) & Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)
  • You are not allowed to kill any without any kind roleplay being involved. This also includes the use of vehicles as well.
    Before a player can kill another player, all players must be engaged in role play

    Some Examples of RDM and VDM Scenarios are :

    Intentionally running over someone to kill or slamming in your vehicle into a player without initiating any kind of roleplay with him.

    Drive-By are allowed but pitting, ramming vehicles will result in a Warning/Ban.

    Please keep one thing in mind, when performing a drive-by your vehicle must not have a back grille which prevents people from shooting you at the back.

  • Realistic Behavior
  • You must enact your character at all times; all the players are requested to conduct themselves in a realistic manner. Despite all the game mechanics, if you fail to act responsibly you might be banned/warned , you must act in a "realistic." manner at all times.

    Some Examples of non Realistic Behavioral Scenarios are :

    1. If you are tazed by a person, you should not just get up and run around as if you felt nothing.
    2. Immediately just don’t start jumping/shooting/fighting when an EMS is treating you.
    3. While Handcuffed you are not allowed to act which involves your hand movement like driving a car, opening doors, you can’t jump fences, wall or pull out firearms.

  • Meta-Gaming
  • You are not allowed to use Player’s ID to find players hiding in bushes, buildings, water etc or inside vehicles with tinted windows.

    Some Examples of Meta-gaming Scenarios are:

    1. Using outside character information to gain advantage in-character.
    2. Using player’s STEAM NAME/Player ID when reporting to police without having any in-RP interactions with that player.
    3. Not using in-game knowledge but using outside knowledge to gain advantage of things.
    4. Using any outside game communication like Discord, Team Speak etc.

    Do not use any information from YouTube/Loco/Discord video's to give you an advantage on situations or use the information even if you were not there.Even if you recognise someone by their voice you must not call them by their names as they might be on a different character.

  • Powergaming
  • We would like to define power-gaming as the abuse of in-game mechanics to give you an unrealistic advantage.

  • Fail RP
  • You are not allowed to do FailRP at any instance of your roleplay which means no following RP Rules.

    Some Examples of FailRP Scenarios are :

    1. Punching, Shooting, Tazing or stealing a card while being cuffed.
    2. Taking out a gun even after someone has done /me command for “Taking Gun”.
    3. Giving out locations to friends even after death by explosion/execution etc.
    4. Driving unrealistically like we tend to do in GTA Online

  • Cop-baiting
  • It’s strictly not allowed for players to bait officers.Let’s suppose if an officer is busy with a crime suitation such as a bank robbery or a murder or they are engaged in role play, you aren’t allowed to do actions which might lead breaking their RP.

    Some Examples of Cop-Baiting

    1. Honking of horns unnecessary to annoy an officer who is on a traffic stop or speaking with another player.
    2. Intentionally interfering with an ongoing roleplay situation just so to get attention from police.
    3. Intentionally hitting,ramming,shooting or otherwise acting inappropriately in front of the police personnel without initiating a proper roleplay.
    4. The crowding during a 10-90 is also considered as cop-baiting.

  • Impersonating Players
  • You are not allowed to impersonate any government members i.e Police,EMS etc.

  • New Life Rules
  • If you are ABLE to receive medical help and then be revived, you shall remember all the events which lead to that encounter. But if you are NOT able to get medical help and you respawn then you shall not remember the event which led to your death.If you are EXECUTED then you have to forget the whole situation even if someone tries to remind you about the situation.

    Once you are down in combat you are not allowed to rejoin the situation in any manner whatsoever.

    If you are deciding to end your character/deciding that your character is dead then you need to be sent to the morgue where EMS will declare you dead and only then you can DELETE THE CHARACTER.Taking PERMA means that you are dead and you are ending your character's existence. Your character shall no longer have warrants nor he would be subjected to jail sentences.

    Every encounter must have adequate role play and should not be breaking any server rules. You can’t decide if another player is dead. It will be the responsibility of the downed player to decide their own fate.

    Rule 4: Use of Chat and OOC

    Kindly refrain yourself from using OOC until and unless it’s required.Also you are not allowed to argue in OOC chat.

    OOC should not be used in Twitter or /me commands. If you need to speak to a staff member or want to report someone, wait until the RP is over and use /report or take it to discord.

    You are not allowed to break your character at any point , doing the same might result in punishment.If something is going wrong you need to complete the RP first then use /report or you may fill up the Player Report Form.

    Rule 5: Combat Logging

    You are not allowed to Combat log at any circumstance. You are also not allowed to exit the city from SAFE ZONES when you are in an active situation.

    1. Quitting game when killed to avoid any following consequences.
    2. Quitting game when a cop is processing you/sending you to prison.
    3. Quitting game to avoid being killed.
    4. Quitting game when an admin is spectating you.
    5. For an on-going roleplay situation you are not allowed to quit/disconnect the game.

    If for an on-going situation you face some issue which can be due to power cut or internet failure , you need to mention it on discord (#game-crash).

    Rule 6 : Safe Zones

      There are only two safe zones
    1. Pillbox
    2. Mission Row Police Department

    Also doing Code-Red at public places will be considered as a Terrorist Activity so plan your actions accordingly.

    ​Rule 7 : Criminal Activity Rules

  • Bank Robbery (Pacific Bank)
    1. Minimum of 4 players and Maximum of 6 players will be allowed in this situation.
    2. You need to have Backpack equipped in your outfit
    3. Maximum number of vehicles allowed are 2 (Two).
    4. Hostages Required for this bank will be 2 (Two).

  • Bank Robbery (Other Banks) and Jewelry Robbery
    • You need to have Backpack equipped in your outfit.
    • You will need 1 hostage to execute this heist.
    • Maximum number of vehicles allowed will be 1 (One).
    • Maximum number of players allowed in this situation are 5 players.

  • Store Robbery
    1. You will need 1 hostage to execute this heist.
    2. Maximum number of vehicles allowed will be 1 (One).
    3. Maximum number of players allowed in this situation are 2 players.